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A whisk is a whisk.

WRONG! This newly developped instrument will revolutionize your kitchen work.

Pat. pend. The totally new whisk consists of high temperature resistant material and conforms to the regulations of the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
The handle can be combined with numerous different whipping tools by an easy snap-in connection. The first whipping tool (left) is used for gravy, soups, eggs, cream etc. The second tool (right) is especially designed for risotti, polenta, doughs and thick gravy.

The whisk comes in five different colors: light grey - black - red - yellow - blue

How it works:

The whisk consits of three parts: handle (1), whipping tool (2) and ring clamp (3).

The ring clamp is put over the handle.

Then the handle is snapped into the ball-and-socket joint. To ensure a tight connection the ring clamp is fixed over the whipping tool.

Easy to use:

At the back end of the handle there is a hole for hanging and the shape of the end is an ideal stand.

The curved shape is for easier handling and to hold the whisk at the pot rim.

The universal joint between handle and whipping tool is not only easy on the wrist but also ensures a permanent contact to the bottom of the pot.
After the work the whisk is easy to clean.
And, of course, it's dishwasher safe.

Developped and produced by:
Tekuna GmbH
Kai Skudelny (inventor)
Bergwerkweg 8
I-39018 Terlan (Bozen)
Phone +39-0471-258000
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